Homoeopathy Myths and the Facts that prove them wrongful

Homoeopathy is described as a natural way of medication which is nontoxic and beneficial for the body. From early 2000s the users of Homoeopathic medication have increased to over 200 million worldwide. These Individuals are taking Homoeopathic medication to help cure them of both acute and chronic medical conditions.

Even though homoeopathy has proven to be beneficial for many individuals there are still myths that exist in the society that discourage people from adopting the Homoeopathic lifestyle.

Below are some common myths believed by many about Homoeopathy along with sound reasonings to prove that these are merely myths and without any logical standing.

1.Homoeopathy is an unproven science and the medication mere placebo pills – Reality Homoeopathic medication is created after sound scientific testing and clinical testing in order to collect proper experimental and clinical data about the effects of the medication.

Homoeopathic medication is far from placebo pills rather there have been studies conducted all over the world which shows that homoeopathic medication is helpful in aiding the recovery of patients suffering from many acute and chronic illnesses.

2. Homoeopathic medication is “Magic Science” and very slow acting in real life – Reality: Like all other medical compositions and sciences even homoeopathy has its limitations. There are many cases in which homeopathy is fast acting such as acute conditions but since most homoeopathic medication users use homoeopathy in their chronic stage the progress made by the medication is somewhat slow. Moreover as Homoeopathic  medicines are deep acting, it takes time to alleviate the disease from its root.

3. Homoeopathy is only useful in chronic cases – This is far from the truth rather Homeopathy is much more fast acting in acute cases, the chronic myth stems from the idea that individuals only switch to homoeopathic remedies after they have been disappointed by allopathic medications and other mode of treatments. This results in homoeopathic medication being taken in the chronic stage whereas it is highly recommended that homoeopathic medication be taken in initial stages to prevent further damage caused by the disease.

4. Homoeopathic medications have hidden side effects – Generally there are no side effects of homoeopathic medication when prescribed in 3CH or above however in low potencies of 1x and 2x some tinctures and trituration’s have  minor side effects. Like all other medications, if misused, used inappropriately without the guidance of an expert and certified practitioner, a person is most likely to have undesired effects.