Homoeopathy and Sports- First aid for bruises and sports injuries

“With a minimum amount of homeopathic instruction, most trainers, coaches, and athletes themselves, can successfully treat many of the most common athletic injuries. Their willingness to do so will have two results: quicker and more comfortable healing for the athlete; and thousands of dollars saved for the athletic club.” A. Dwight Smith, MD (American Homeopathy: vol.1, No. 6, June 1984).

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike face a lot of injuries and bruises in relation to their stride in becoming more active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Which is the reason why many of these enthusiasts rely on pain killers and medication that can be addictive in nature and thus more harmful rather than useful, the users of these drugs become reliant on them and continue to push themselves further thus resulting in them ignoring the issue and turning a simple sprain into fractures and even more severe injuries.

Homeopathy is a natural way of healing the body with drugs and medication that are formulated in a way that they are effective yet non addictive which is why it is seen that athletes and Fitness enthusiasts are shifting their scope of healing from traditional medication to the homoeopathic way of life.

On homeopathy in general for sports, A. Dwight Smith, MD, stated it (Homoeopathy) can “Cut healing time by 50-85%.” (American Homeopathy: vol.1, No. 6, June 1984)

With a higher success and effectiveness, it is recommended that athletes look into homoeopathic remedies to cure their injuries and bruising with ingredients such as Arnica and Hypericum which are both helpful in healing swelling, muscles aches and pains as well as easing the symptoms of bruising, which can decrease the healing time of the injuries by ten folds.